freedomsThis is me taking control. So far, I have lived keeping up with the expectations of people around me but have finally concluded: people can’t remain happy with you forever, a lesson well learnt, can’t say in time though. I am 28 years old, can say I am running a little behind in  life. Anyways, it’s never too late to begin again, right?

Well, this is me announcing to myself and the world (and it’s always good to have such announcements in writing, just to keep reminding​ yourself ;)) that I am taking control of my life in my own hands. Old habits are hard to let go…. Humans have a tendency of catching up to old habits and staying in their comfort zone.

I hope this start brings with it something new. Not necessarily all merry and rosy stuff. I am willing put myself out in the open and start the journey called ‘life’ but this time – My way!!!