Mary Luce is hit with Lukemia once again. Having seen her mother lose battle to the disease was painful enough and now it’s her turn to fight the same, that too for the second time. A chance meeting with Rhage, the vampire warrior ignites the spark that she never even thought of experiencing even in her wildest dreams. Rhage, cursed by Scribe virgin, is holding a demon of his own which once take over, everything is forgotten. He becomes an indestructible machine which isn’t capable of differentiating between a friend and foe however, the very beast in him tries to come out at every opportunity if Mary is around. Rhage is falling for her hard and fast but isn’t sure if it’s safe for Mary to be around him.

Now that I have read the second installment of the Black dagger Brotherhoood series, I am much more hopeful. It’s an all consuming tale and a definite page turner.

I don’t particularly enjoy the parts where lives of the lessers are talked about at length, no wonder many authors don’t talk about the villains in much detail and only stick to the necessities. Although, I am guessing this may have a purpose much later in the series. The fact that I do like is that Ward, unlike other authors do not wait for the next love story to begin in the next installment which by the way hooks you right off the bat and keeps you yearning for more. To summarise, I really enjoyed the second part of the series, in fact much more than the first one. Hope you will too!!!

Happy reading 🙂

Rating -3.5 Stars