Beth, short for Elizabeth works at a local newspaper agency in Caldwell. She is an orphan or that’s what she has believed all her life however, her biological father, Darius, a warrior vampire has always kept a close eye on her from afar. Darius knows that her time for transition is close and only the most purebred of their race can protect and help his daughter come out alive on the other side. Wrath, leader of the Black Dagger Brotherhood and the purest of breed is out for blood for centuries to avenge the death of his parents. When Darius, warrior of the brotherhood is killed, Wrath takes upon himself to honor the wishes of his dead warrior to help his daughter through the transition only to irrevocably fall in love with her.

Why I picked this book to read? Because I had seen it being recommended hell lot of a times in the last 3 years of my romance reading span. What was stopping me to read it? Never ending books in the series. Since 2005, author, JR Ward has added one or two new books every year to the series and till date the list is growing. It’s a problem for me, How? Well, I am one of those people who just can’t quit reading something once hooked till the time its over and I know a few of you could easily relate to me. What made me read it now? Time, I have a lot of it to spare lately.

Now about my thoughts on the book, I did enjoy reading the first installment of this series however, due to the hype surrounding this series and past reviews my expectation was probably way over the top and sadly the book didn’t match and I don’t blame the author for this but the reviewers 😉 I specially liked the way different POV’s are brought together in this work of Ward, which isn’t a easy feat to achieve, I must say. I really liked the other warriors and looking forward to read their stories.

My Recommendation: Go ahead read it but please keep your expectations in check and you may enjoy it more;)

Rating: 3 Stars