imageDiana Bishop, comes from a long line of reputed witches, however, has no magic in her whatsoever. Being a professor at Oxford and interested in alchemy, she calls upon a book – Ashmole 782, for references for her upcoming presentation but this simple act of being able to get this long lost book from the stacks of the library which has been searched for centuries by various creatures gets her tangled up in a web of magic that she had no knowledge of or that’s what she believed…until now. Enters, Mathew  De Claremont, one of the creatures looking for the book, finds Diana but somewhere along the way falls for her innocence, kindness and huge heart. What follows is a battle not just with those who are on the congregation but also with the family secrets which leads them back in time where Diana realises her power and also the responsibilities that comes with it. When they comeback to their present they aren’t alone, they have gathered allies and have also created a beautiful future but only if they fight and overcome the odds that are trying to keep them apart, will they be able to uphold and see this future.

I finished reading all 3 books of this young adult series in 6 days, day and night…. non stop!! Trust me it’s ALOT to absorb. Part 1 of the series, The discovery of the witches is actually a good start to where Diana and Mathew meet, their love blossoms amidst all the worries. Part 2, Shadow of night isn’t as promising though. It seems a little stretched. If you do like reading about history things may still be interesting however, I just skimmed through a few paragraphs when it was getting boring Part 3, Book of life is where all hell breaks loose and by the end of it, of course, everything settles down as expected, secrets are revealed and wild storms are averted.

To conclude, I would say it’s a good read!

Stars (out of 5)

Part 1- The discovery of the witches – 3.5

Part 2 – Shadow of the Night – 2.5

Part 3 – The Book of Life – 3